Wether you’re launching a new publication or converting existing titles, the requester program can save your company BIG money!

Reasons to go requester:

  • Mail your publication to homes and businesses for as little as 9 cents per piece.
  • A weekly with 10K mailed copies can save nearly $50,000 in annual postage compared to Marketing mail!
  • Enjoy priority mailing status with USPS.
  • Fully saturate your target markets.
  • Print legal notices and gain an added source of revenue. *varies by state
  • Offer guaranteed mailbox delivery to your customers – at NO cost to them.
  • Prove to advertisers your paper or magazine is highly valued by readers.
  • Count gift copies, paid subscriptions, business requests, and e-requests toward your goal requester figure.
Still not convinced?

Requester Pro’s leading consultant has a decade of experience in Periodicals management including planning, implementation, audit completion, and renewals. Hillary has seen publications through from inception to established periodical and knows the trials and tribulations. Requester Pro supports the mission of delivering meaningful content to readers and communities across the nation.

Make an investment in your publication’s future, print media is here to stay!

Decide which service is best for your group.