Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for Periodical mailing privileges? 
  • Publishers of newspapers and magazines who intend to distribute on an indefinite basis and maintain continuity from issue to issue. The primary purpose of publishing must be to transmit information.
How long does it typically take to convert to Requester Periodical mail?
  • For an existing publication it is common to spend 1 – 3 months planning, creating ads, and developing a campaign timeline. Months 3 – 6 are utilized as the roll out period. Months 6 – 9 requesters are collected, database updated, and application filed. Months 9 – 12 a publication is mailed as a pending periodical and eligibility audit is conducted by USPS. Individual markets and publications may vary. Want to speed up this timeline? Get the answers you need by working with Requester Pro!
Are there any fees associated with applying to mail at periodical rates?
  • Yes. The permit application fee varies by state and is typically around $700. The fee is nonrefundable, even if your application is denied!
Why do we need to mail as Marketing (formerly Standard) mail before applying for Periodical?
  • Before you apply for a Periodical permit you must enter the mail steam at Marketing mail rates. While your application is reviewed you will submit both Marketing and Periodical mail postage statements. The difference in postage is held in reserve until approval is granted. You are issued this money back upon qualifying.
After applying why do we continue to pay marketing mail rates until receiving audit approval?
  • When mailing as a pending periodical, the difference in postage between the marketing mail postage and requester periodical postage is held in reserve. After receiving notice of the audit approval, the money is returned to the publisher in one lump sum. If an publication does not pass the eligibility audit, the money is retained by USPS.
If a publication does not pass the postal eligibility audit, can you reapply?
  • Yes. In most cases a request for additional documentation will come from the The Pricing and Classification Service Center (PCSC) and will not require a new application to be filed. If a publication is found to be ineligible, a publisher is able to select a new issue to be verified and a new application will need to be filed.
We operate on a lean budget. How can we justify a contract with Requester Pro? 
  • For a publication averaging 10K weekly copies, the annual savings in postage is nearly $50,000 compared to Marketing (Standard) mail. A 12 month service agreement pays for itself in under ONE year if you convert just a few titles!

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